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Moors for the Future celebrate 10 years of success

"We couldn’t have done it without our partners" – that’s the resounding message from Moors for the Future, a project initiated in 2003 and still led by the PDNPA.


Kathy Towers of the Moors for the Future team reports on the partnership’s remarkable achievements.

This year the Moors for the Future Partnership is celebrating a decade of moorland restoration. Since securing our first Heritage Lottery Fund grant and setting to work on our very first project in 2003 with a team of only five people, we’ve grown dramatically.


Now we’re leading one of the largest moorland conservation projects in Europe with a team of 20 full-time employees and 60 casual and volunteer workers.

Crucial to our success so far are the partnerships we’ve forged with a whole range of local and national bodies. Without funding and support from organisations including utilities companies, conservation organisations and the Authority we quite simply wouldn’t be where we are now. And we certainly wouldn’t have notched up our first


10 Moorland Milestones:


  • Initiating and managing 30 restoration and research projects worth over £13 million
  • Creating the Moorland Centre at Edale where we are based
  • Restoring nearly 5000 acres of moorland and 6000 acres of SSSI
  • Spreading 40 million beads of Sphagnum moss
  • Clocking up 7500 volunteer hours
  • Planting 40,000 trees
  • Laying 140 miles of geojute to stabilise bare peat
  • Producing 15 award-winning Audio Trails of the moors
  • Advising peatland restoration projects as far afield as Tibet and the Falklands
  • Planting 250,000 moorland plants

We’d like to thank everyone who has played a part in helping us restore the most degraded upland landscape in Europe.

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