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Battle for Kinder Scout Book


The Battle for Kinder Scout CoverLaunched as part of the 80th Kinder Trespass anniversary celebrations in April 2012, the new full-colour 100-page updated version of Benny Rothman's book is entitled 'The Battle For Kinder Scout’. It contains an extra chapter from Benny Rothman, where he voiced his concerns for the future of the countryside.

Also there are accounts of the protest from other trespassers, along with the stories of ramblers who got caught up in events with dramatic results. The head keeper of the estate gives his version of events and there are many other articles about the background to the campaign for more access to the countryside and further fascinating details about the trespass. Mike Harding has written the foreword.



Battle for Kinder Scout Book - £10.99 (inc P&P)




Last Modified: 12 Jul 2014