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*2013 Moors for the future celebrates 10 years of success*

Our beautiful moorland landscapes contain unique habitats for some rare and wonderful species. In our busy and noisy world this is one of the few places where it is still possible to experience a feeling of wilderness and the freedom to roam.

Since the Victorians first fired up their coal-powered engines, polluted air has been killing off the plants that keep these moors healthy. Overgrazing, summer wildfires and the weather have also contributed to a management problem. Individual land owners and managers in the Peak District realised that the problem of moorland erosion could not be tackled by one organisation alone and in 2003 the Moors for the Future Partnership was formed.

The Moors for the Future Partnership has three objectives:

1. To raise awareness of why the moors are valuable and to encourage responsible use and care of the landscape

2. To restore and conserve important recreational and natural moorland resources

3. To develop expertise on how to protect and manage the moors sustainably


Peat bogs in the Peak District - such as Bleaklow Plateau and Kinder Scout - naturally store carbon dioxide (CO2), the gas that contributes towards climate change. In fact it is estimated that Britain's peat bogs store the equivalent of 10 times the country's total CO2 emissions.

When these peat bogs are eroded due to pollution, overgrazing or fire damage they start leaking CO2 instead of storing it.

It is thought the 700 sq km of the southern Pennine hills alone could be leaking as much CO2 as a town with a population of 50,000 people. The Moors for the Future team are carrying out important work to restore the Peak District's peat bogs so they are once again helping to tackle the effects of climate change

To find out more about the important work of the Moors for the Future Partnership visit their website

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Last Modified: 3 Mar 2013