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Sally Goldsmith
'Trespassers Will Be Celebrated'

Sally GoldsmithSally wrote this song for the 70th anniversary celebrations of the KinderTrespass. In the following she explains her intentions when writing the lyrics.

"In this song I wanted to make a link between all those varied people who find recreation on moor and mountain today and all those unremitting campaigners who made it possible. Although we do still have a way to go in achieving the right to roam, I also wanted to acknowledge the passing of the CRoW Act – a fantastic achievement.

"Although the song is called “Trespassers Will Be Celebrated,” I try to acknowledge all those who played their part, from negotiators to proponents of direct action. I also wanted this lovely image of land campaigners over history taking a walk together – I hope Benny Rothman would have been pleased to be walking with Wat Tyler! As it is a song, there are some glaring omissions in the list of people named. I hope you’ll forgive me my trespasses". Sally Goldsmith.


Trespassers Will Be Celebrated (© Sally Goldsmith)

Joan alone on Stanage
Finds the air to clear her head
Lift her spirits, calm her nerves and bring her peace
While the ramblers group is raring
To walk Bleaklow’s boggy wastes
Kitted out with compass, map and fleece
Hassan’s on his first trip with his classmates from his school
He’s never heard the eerie curlew cry
All owe their Sunday freedom to those who went before
The ones who tried to reach out for the sky

Trespassers will be celebrated
Now their will is done
Trespassers will be celebrated
Glorious kingdom come
By those who walk the southern downs,
The high and windy moor
Trespassers will be celebrated
Freedom is won

Gill and Tony’s little family
Clamber madly over stones
Delight in rushing streams and frightened sheep
The baby’s in her backpack
Rocking gently through her dreams
And cooing with the beck from deep in sleep
Rose and Madge are wandering, their working life is done
Their time’s their own, they range for miles around
While blokes out on the Roaches crawl like spiders up the rock
But know nought of those who won this hallowed ground

See campaigners through the ages
Walk together side by side
Wat Tyler, Benny Rothman hand-in-hand
Carpenter, Winstanley and the Diggers on the hill
The commoners who dared to seize the land
Stephen Morton, Barbara Castle,
Bert Ward and Terry Howard
The Greenham women cutting down the fence
Elsie Gaskell and the Buntings, young Woodcraft singers too,
Tom Stephenson, McColl and Thomas Spence

Remember those who stuck at nothing
But kept slogging up the hill
For the right to spread their wings and take their space
Negotiators, demonstrators, all who spun the dream
That you and me might claim our rightful place
Trespassed for us and against those
Who kept beauty for themselves
Who fenced us out for profit and for greed
But now the way is open for us all to share this land
And the beauty and the glory’s ours indeed.

Last Modified: 17 Apr 2007