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Kinder Trespass - Home page


Peak District National Park Authority Sustainable Development Fund supports this website.

The Kinder Trespass 75 organising committee consisted of representatives of Natural England, the Ramblersí Association (Sheffield and Manchester), the British Mountaineering Council, the Sheffield Campaign for Access to Moorland (celebrating its 25th anniversary), the Peak District National Park Authority, the National Trust, Derbyshire County Council and New Mills Town Council, all of which contributed towards the costs.


Roly Smith for articles used for text on pages: Trespass 24 Apr 1932; Consequences; CROW Act 2000; Milestones; Trespass Trail.

David Renton for use of a large extract from his article 'Peak District, 24 April 1932' on the page Context in 1932.


Several photographs from the time of the trespass originate from the book '1932 Kinder Trespass: A Personal View of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass' by Benny Rothman and are acknowledged to Willow Publishing, where the copyright remains.


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