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Previous Anniversaries

To mark the 50th anniversary a commemorative plaque was unveiled in April 1982, by an aged Benny Rothman, during a rally at Bowden Bridge quarry, the starting point for the 1932 trespass.

The play 'A Free Man on Sunday' based on the Kinder Trespass was written my Mike Harding to commemorate the 60th anniversary and premiered by the Manchester Youth Theatre in 1992.

A day of music and song at Bowden Bridge Quarry on Saturday 27 April 2002 celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Trespass. The main speaker was the Minister of State for the Environment, Michael Meacher MP. Celebrations were lead the by broadcaster, comedian and former Ramblers Association president Mike Harding. Other speakers included Sir Martin Doughty, then chairman of the Peak District National Park Authority and of English Nature, and Kate Ashbrook, chief executive of the Open Spaces Society and chair of the Ramblers Access Committee.

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